Greens’ advert causes social media storm as kids play politicians

From The Guardian: Shot in one day last week, the Green party ad campaign featuring children acting as political leaders has attracted nearly 500,000 views across the party’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts within 24 hours.

The brainchild of ad agency Creature of London the offering has already eclipsed a rival ad from the Labour party featuring actor Art Malik talking about the government’s failings, which attracted under 20,000 views on Labour’s official Facebook and YouTube pages despite being online a day longer.

“The Greens don’t have the budget of a big brand or of the bigger political parties and have a desire to be different and do things differently,” said Dan Shute, co-founder and managing director of Creature. “We wanted to create something memorable that people would talk about and love, and trust me once we had the concept it was certainly not difficult to find material given the state of UK politics.”

The resulting party election broadcast, portraying politicians as a bunch of squabbling kids in an echo of Channel 4’s The Secret Life of 5 year olds, has become an instant internet and social media sensation. “Part of the joy is that we didn’t want it to be too polished,” says Shute. “It is a miracle to get that kind of natural performance from kids.”

The latest profile-building ad is a huge boost to the Green party which has struggled to get what the party feels is its fair share of recognition alongside the major parties.

The Greens had to campaign hard for leader Natalie Bennett to be included in the series of leaders’ debates ahead of last year’s general election.

And in December the BBC ruled that the Greens would not be allowed to air any PBBs – broadcasts run outside of elections.

Yet Ukip, which also has just one MP, has been awarded three by the BBC.

“We were bitterly disappointed not to be granted a party political broadcast despite submitting numerous representations challenging the initial decision,” said a spokesman for the Green Party. “Yet we are determined to continue to share Green values and policies. That is why we have launched a Crowdfunder campaign to make an unofficial PPB.

“We have a proud tradition of generating groundbreaking broadcasts. We are delighted that our latest daring, genre-busting party election broadcast has resonated so loudly with audiences.”

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