30 things you should know about the Tory record

From Another Angry Voice: “Theresa May said that we should judge the Tory government on their record, so here’s a list of some of the things that any reasonably well informed citizen should know about the Tory record in government since 2010.”

  1. Election fraud
  2. Longest fall in value of wages since records began
  3. Spectacularly missed economic targets
  4. The austerity con
  5. NHS cuts
  6. NHS recruitment crisis
  7. Systematic abuse of disabled people
  8. Huge rise in child poverty
  9. The harshest cuts of all on poor families with children
  10. Most unaffordable homes ever
  11. Contempt for private sector tenants
  12. Public transport chaos
  13. Biggest education funding cuts in decades
  14. The school privatisation agenda
  15. Rip-off tuition fees
  16. Huge rise in Food bank dependency
  17. The Hinkley Point C scandal
  18. Social care crisis
  19. Defunding of local government
  20. Tax-dodging corporate outsourcing parasites
  21. Fire service cuts
  22. Police cuts
  23. Sweetheart tax deals
  24. The Snoopers’ Charter
  25. Dictators and despots
  26. Contempt for human rights
  27. Taxpayer subsidised malice
  28. Rising inequality
  29. U-turn after U-turn
  30. Threat of a “no deal” Brexit strop

Additions he didn’t have time to write fully about:

31. Legal aid cuts
32. Sack-at-will legislation
33. Numerous spectacular court defeats
34. Filibustering Tory MPs
35. £1,200 unfair dismissal tribunal fees
36. Secret Courts
37. the gagging law
38. Hundreds of Sure Start centres closed
39. Massive tax breaks for fracking companies
40. Mental health funding cuts
41. the rape clause
42. the Thames garden bridge fiasco
43. Highest childcare fees in Europe
44. In-work benefits cuts
45. Bigoted and homophobic Tory MPs
46. Many new PFI scams
47. Countless dodgy privatisations
48. Hidden air pollution reports
49. A blank cheque for the private companies that operate Trident
50. Refusal to help the UK steel industry
51. Tory Brexit liars like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove
52. Prisons chaos
53. Slashed adult education budgets
54. Economically illiterate cuts to flood defence spending
55. The anti-democratic Great Repeal Bill power grab
56. Cosying up to Rupert Murdoch

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