Someone selling necklaces with a ‘special’ message for Theresa May just raised £25,000 in 48 hours

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From The Canary: With no financial backing or advertising, Libby Freeman has had extraordinary success selling necklaces with a ‘special’ message for Theresa May.

100% of the profits from Freeman’s main design go to people marginalised by the Conservative Party. The 35-year-old raised £25,000 in less than 48 hours selling the jewellery online.

The jewellery combines style, swag and sticking it to the Tories. In total,the project has raised £40,000 since Freeman launched it with her friend Kate six days ago.

60% of the profits go to Calais Action, an organisation raising resources for refugees. The remaining 40% goes to Partisan Collective, which seeks to provide a community space for grassroots cultural and political activities in Manchester.

Freeman told The Canary why she thinks the necklaces are so popular: “I think #FuckTheTories just sums up how so many people feel”.

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