Create a Facebook project group

Know your Facebook: What’s the difference between a Facebook ‘page’ and a Facebook ‘group’?

A Facebook page is automatically public. Anyone can ‘like’ and read all the posts on your public page.

Your project group however can (and should) be closed, so that only group members will be able to read group posts. Group members are added by you or by another group member. Group members can be removed if necessary by an admin.

Create your project group page

Your main focus will be your public Facebook page. However, if you don’t already have another safe digital space available for keeping in touch digitally with your own project team – a space that other people who are interested in helping you out can find and join – then it might well be worth starting a ‘group’ too on Facebook.

Creating a group really couldn’t be much easier.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook home page.

Step 2: On your Facebook home page, go to the ‘EXPLORE’ section in the left-hand bar, and select ‘Groups’. (Your ”EXPLORE’ menu will look a little like the picture on the left, although everyone’s is a little different.)

Step 3: In the top right-hand corner, just underneath your blue top status bar, there will be a green button marked + Create Group. Click there (see right). 

Step 4: A box will pop up called “Create New Group”. Type the name of your group.

Step 5: Then type the name of at least one Facebook friend you want to add to the group. (You can come back later and add more friends.)

Step 6: The next box, “Select privacy”, should be already set to “Closed group”. Probably best not to change it! That way genuine #StopTheTories campaigners can easily find you, but you can keep dodgy members (including any Tory spies) out.

Step 7: Click ‘Create’ and you’re done!

Add members to your project group

Once your group is created, it’s time to add any further Facebook friends who want to be part of the group. To do this:

  • simply go to your group page find the Add Members box on the right-hand side just underneath your cover photo.
  • Start typing the name(s) of the people you want to add,
  • select their names from the drop-down list to add them.

You can instantly add your own Facebook friends as group members. You can also add non-friends, but they will only receive an invitation which they can accept or reject.

Once you’ve done that, ask your friends to add suitable friends of their own as members of the group. You might be able to snowball a decent initial group membership by asking everyone to get their friends involved.

Later on, you can promote your project group at the same time as you promote your public page.

Next steps…

If you now have your Facebook page and your Facebook group set up, it’s time to start posting.