Ideas for fundraising

Can you fundraise?

How easy or how difficult is it for you to get your hands on £105 to fight Tories independently, on your terms, in your own community?

Do you have any family, friends, colleagues or teammates with a few spare quid, who passionately oppose the Tories and badly want to see things turned around in #GE17? Can they help you club together for £105? 

Or maybe it’s more difficult for you, but achievable, and you’ll need to do a slightly bigger fundraise:

How will you fundraise to fight Tories?

So you need to raise a bit of money to fund your box of flyers…

Can you start with a whip-round? Who do you know who agrees with your feelings about the Tory government, and might like to support your campaigning against them? Family, friends, colleagues, teammates, housemates, bandmates…

If you have the opportunity to speak to any sympathetic groups about your #StopTheTories campaign… could you pass round a hat at the end for donations?

You could even take a bucket with you to any street flyering action you’re planning, and ask passers-by who express their support for your campaign if they’d like to make a donation.

Run an event! Cake sale, raffle, jumble sale, film night… there are so many ways you could easily and quickly arrange a fundraising event. See CAFOD’s A-Z list of fundraising ideas for more ideas!

Or, you can crowdfund. You don’t have to get digital to fundraise, but it can be an effective method. See our separate step-by-step guide to all the buttons to push, and things to think about, in organising an online crowdfunder.