How to make your crowdfunder page look good

On the previous page we showed you how to set up the basics of a crowdfunder page on

Now it’s time to provide a bit more info about what you’re doing, and make your page look its best. Here’s how.

Start by clicking on the purple Manage Fundraiser button on your crowdfunding page. This will take you to your control panel, looking something like this.


Enter a text description of your crowdfunder

layout_3.pngEven if you’ve got a great video or photo lined up for your crowdfunder page, you’ll still want to type a description of your project first.

  • Type a description of what the crowdfunder is for.
  • Give a little bit of info about you and/or your group. Emphasise why this is so important.
  • If you will be promoting a particular message with the money you raise, what is it and why will it help in the election?
  • Tell your readers why and how every piece of help makes a difference.
  • Explain, as simply as possible, what exactly donations will be paying for.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, you can have a look through the central fundraising pages of the Stop the Tories project, and steal or borrow from any text there.

If you made any mistakes in the initial setup stages of your crowdfunder page, you can also go back and correct them here.

When you’re done, click the purple Save Changes button at the bottom.

Post an update

layout_9.pngDo you have an update to post about your crowdfunder? It’s a good idea to post periodic updates including an early one, to make your project appear to have momentum to the people writing about it.

  • Click on the Post An Update tab.
  • Type your update in the box provided.
  • Click the purple Post Your Updatebutton at the bottom.

Upload a video or good image

The Youcaring website will point out to you that crowdfunders tend to be more successful when your page features either a promotional video or promotional image.

If you happen to know someone who can help you make a “proper” video, that’s great… But if not, a basic video that you’ve filmed yourself on your smartphone, or webcam, will probably do fine!

If not, do upload a picture. If at all possible, try to use a photo in an aspect ratio of 4:3, the size needed to display correctly on your crowdfunder and on Facebook, or very close to this. If you don’t have your own image in a suitable aspect ratio, you can steal one of these…

[Images to follow soon…]

Here’s how to upload your photo…

  • Click on Photos & Videos from the menu ribbon.


  • layout_6_v2.pngClick on the large add photos and videos button.
  • Assuming your image is on your hard drive, select the upload tab from the next screen and then select your image from your hard drive.
  • You can upload several images (up to 5), and a photo gallery is indeed a good idea if it helps to tell the story of your crowdfunder.
  • layout_7.pngIf you’ve uploaded multiple photos, you need to specify which one will be the ‘main’ photo showing to all visitors to your crowdfunder page (see below). To select a different image to the one on the left which has defaulted to being your main image, drag your chosen image all the way to the left, and you should see it move ahead of the default main photo.


Enter offline donations

Received any donations in person or otherwise not through your crowdfunder page? You can enter the figures anyway for inclusion in your online crowdfunder page, so that everyone can see how well it’s going!


  • Click the Supporters tab.
  • Click the purple Enter an Offline Donation button directly underneath on the right-hand side.
  • Enter the amount donated.
  • Optionally, you can enter their name and email so that you can track them and contact them through Youcaring.
  • If they’ve given you a message they will want publicly displayed on the crowdfunding page, then copy it into the free text box. (Otherwise, leave this blank.)
  • If you don’t want the donation amount shown on the donation page, tick the check box Hide the donation amount on the fundraiser page.
  • If the donor name that you’ve typed in isn’t to be publicly displayed, tick the check box Display the name as “anonymous” on the fundraiser page.

Next: Promote your crowdfunder

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