Make your new Facebook page look good

As the owner of your new page, by default you see a somewhat different view of your own page to a normal page visitor. When you first see your new page, the lower part of your window should be headed ‘Welcome to your new Page’.

Below the ‘Welcome to your page’ heading are the three easy steps to get your new page looking good and ready to start sharing around.

Step 1: Add a cover photo

Click on the first of the three options, Add a cover photo. A pop-up box will appear. Click Upload Photo at the bottom.

Pick whatever image you want, that fits Facebook’s required size dimensions reasonably well. Square or narrow images won’t work here.


Step 2: Add a profile picture

Next, add a profile picture in much the same way as you’ve just added a cover photo.

Click on the second of the three options across the lower half of your admin view of your new page, Add a Profile Picture.

Another similar pop-up box will appear. Click Upload Photo once more.

Pick whatever image you think will work well for your group, that fits Facebook’s required square dimensions reasonably well. If it doesn’t work well on the Facebook screen as a square image, don’t use it.

If you don’t have your own good cover picture, you can steal this one to get started with today. Right click on the image to the left and click ‘Save image as…’. Save to your hard drive, and then upload that image to the Facebook page.

You’ll then have the Drag to reposition screen, the same as when you upload a personal profile picture. If the square in focus is too big or too small for your image, don’t forget to drag the slider at the bottom to either the left or the right, to make it look better. Take a moment to get it looking as good as you can.

Then click Save in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 3: Add a short introduction

Now click on the last of the three options across the lower half of your admin view of your new page, Add a short description.

This time the pop-up will tell you to “Add 1-2 sentences to describe [your page name] to help people understand what you offer.

Type something that gives an idea of what your particular #StopTheTories page is about:

  • If your page is for a community of interest, write in a way that’s suitable for people who are like-minded to you in this way.
  • If your page is for a local area, here is a sample intro you could steal or borrow from: Independent, non-aligned, grass-roots guerilla action in Anytown to #StopTheTories in #GE17. Send a message if you can help! 

Your page, your choice!

When you’re done, click the blue Save button.

Next steps…

Your page should now be looking pretty good! Next, you can…

  • start a Facebook project group to keep in easy touch with any friends/colleagues who are helping you or might want to… or
  • you can progress straight to posting content.