#RegisterToVote crowdfunder update: £180 raised, 28,000 extra young people’s news feeds reached

So, I’ve been spending most of my activist time lately setting up the flyer design gallery, and the main crowdfunder push for the donation pages set up on this website will be coming within maybe the next week or so…

But with the voter registration deadline approaching, I’ve given a bit of a push to the #RegisterToVote crowdfunder, and had a good response! Thank you very much to everyone who’s donated. £180 has now been raised – £171.11 net of our crowdfunder platform fees.

That’s all been put into Facebook, and at the time of writing £143.44 of that has been spent. That money has directly reached nearly 29,000 young people’s news feeds, targeted as far as possible to marginal seats.

I’ve rewritten the covering text for the cartoon, for punchier impact. Here’s the new covering text:

The stats for paid reach, targeted as far as possible at marginal constituencies, can be seen here:

While here are figures for all reach of the post UK-wide, including organic reach. 96,000 people have seen it in total:

We can see that for each £1 spent on paid advertising targeted to marginal seats, we directly generate roughly:

  • Eight young people clicking on the cartoon, likely reading some of the covering text.
  • One click on the www.gov.uk/register-to-vote link directly.
  • One share – thus organically reaching many more news feeds, which we probably mostly wouldn’t reach otherwise.

Is this good value for money compared to other register-to-vote activities? Of those 8 young people per £1 who stop and engage, how many might typically end up registering to vote? How many readers who don’t click on the post might still be influenced by it, part of a process ending in them registering by the deadline?

The figures are considerably lower than for our other paid ads – #RegisterToVote doesn’t get as many people’s hearts racing as our luridly anti-Tory memes it seems. We’ve experimented with a small paid boost for another visually striking #RegisterToVote meme, and the figures it generated were very similar to these ones.

We can’t know. It’s all experimental, but the numbers evidence some level of impact.Get in touch and let me know what you think? Thanks for your support.

The crowdfunder remains open until 21st May. (The day before the registration deadline, as money can be spent fully in 24 hours!) If you’d like to donate £3 and reach an extra 600 news feeds targeted to marginal seats, your donation will be very gratefully received.