#grime4corbyn: Why British MCs are uniting behind the Labour leader

From the Guardian: Last Sunday, Snapchat users seeking the latest updates from Jeremy Corbyn were greeted with something unexpected. “It’s JME on Jeremy’s Snapchat and I’m here right now to tell you to register to vote!” grinned the Tottenham-based grime MC, while the words “Jeremy Corbyn” hovered in the background.

A month later, Stormzy did an interview with the Guardian in which he declared the leader of the opposition to be: “My man, Jeremy!”.

His support, he claimed, was due to admiration of Corbyn’s campaigning history (“I saw some sick picture of him from back in the day when he was campaigning about anti-apartheid and I thought: ‘Yeah, I like your energy’”) as well as the fact that he seemed to express concern for segments of society that other parties don’t (“I feel like he gets what the ethnic minorities are going through and the homeless and the working class”). For Stormzy, Corbyn came across as a decent man who wasn’t there purely for the fun of braying and jeering across the dispatch box – unlike others (“Have you seen that footage of House of Commons? The way they all laugh and cheer. Is this fucking Game of Thrones? You lot have got real issues to talk about and deal with”).

When Theresa May called a snap election, the support intensified. Corbyn was championed by tweets from west London star AJ Tracey as well as JME – the latter of which the MP retweeted, eventually leading to the Snapchat collaboration. The hip-hop artist Akala also wrote a Facebook post explaining that, for the first time in his life, he would be voting – and that it would be for Corbyn – which went viral and was published in the Guardian. Grime-based pro-Corbyn posters also started appearing around south London.

Then a campaign group created a pro-voting registration website called Grime 4 Corbyn – featuring the track Corbyn Riddim, which sets one of his speeches to a bombastic instrumental. At one point more people were tweeting the hashtag #grime4corbyn than #LabourManifesto.

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