New crowdfunder: Anti #SimonKirby meme goes viral to 267,000 people with only £100 spent!

So this is interesting. Twitter user @Rachael_Swindon has been producing handy, and very popular, little memes like this:

Now, Facebook has not traditionally allowed “paid boosting” of images which are covered in text. However, they’ve recently loosened their rules, which are no longer very clear; they do tell you that texty images “may not run”, and a couple of paid boosts I’ve attempted have been unsuccessful. But, but, I’ve been allowed to paid boost this meme to Brighton and Peacehaven residents unhindered, and it’s gone super viral! Here are the stats for direct reach of the £100 I’ve been able to spend:

…and here are overall stats including organic reach generated from all those shares. 

To reach 267,000 people for only £100 spent is fairly extraordinary. I’m not able to determine the total number of people who’ve seen it who live in Brighton or Peacehaven, as the meme has also gone national, but clearly in Brighton it’s reached much more than the 19,000 direct paid reach. There’s also a big appetite nationally to see unpleasant Tory MPs picked off!

I’ve looked up how many Facebook users there are in total in Brighton and Peacehaven (the neighbouring town which is in Brighton Kemptown constituency): 150,000. Frustratingly Facebook only allows you to target “Brighton” (i.e. without Hove, but not able to differentiate between the two Brighton constituencies). I estimate that reaching all of these 150,000 users will take a budget of around £900. So, I haven’t been able to resist starting another crowdfunder, and it will only take a few quid to run a paid ad targeted to all the many Brighton followers of Stop the Tories 2017.

£3 gets the meme onto 500+ extra news feeds in Brighton and Peacehaven, including an estimated 200+ in Brighton Kemptown constituency itself. Can you donate £3 today to help make sure we get this unpleasant character out on 8th June?