Ordering instructions – from a recommended online printer

We can recommend the online printer A Local Printerto deliver a box of 5000 double-sided, full colour A6 flyers to your door for £105.

Option A: Choose express ordering, no screen work needed!

Keep it legal: DO THIS before you call…

Your flyers MUST have an election “imprint” added to them. This is the law! A Local Printer will be able to do this for you, but it is essential that you understand what you need to do.

Therefore, you must read our vital guide VERY IMPORTANT LEGAL INSTRUCTIONS before you call. [Do it now…]

Once you’ve read this page, you should understand the legal need to include a “Promoted by…” as well as a “Printed by” small print line on your flyers. Once you’ve identified whose name will go on the flyers as “promoter” and what contact postal address will be given for them, you can go ahead and call and place your order.

Call A Local Printer now to place your order (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

If you would like the printers to add the election imprint on your behalf, A Local Printer charge a £20 fee, making their overall charge £105 for 5000 flyers. Steps to do it this easy way:

  • Simply make a note of the number (provided above) of the flyer you would like to order.
  •  Decide the name and address you are going to provide as “promoter” of your flyers, in order to obey election law – see above.
  •  Ring A Local Printer on 01903 742003 during normal office hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri).
  • Say: “I’d like to order Stop the Tories flyer number X, quantity 5000, recycled/non-recycled [you choose]. The promoter’s name for you to add the legal imprint is [name] and their postal address is [address].”
  • A Local Printer will then talk you through payment instructions and confirming your order. A Local Printer will not take payment immediately over the phone, but they will give you instructions for how to make an electronic transfer.
  • Once your order is confirmed and paid for, the flyers will be delivered to your door, within 6 working days of when your order is completed.
  • [Remember: Monday 29th May 2017 is a bank holiday, not a working day.]

Pay just £5 extra for best quality, 100% recycled flyers

If like us you’re conscious about minimising the impact on the environment of your campaigning, and also you’d like the best possible product, you can choose to pay £110 (so just £5 extra) per box of 5000 flyers to have them printed on rugged 100% recycled board.

Turnaround times and deadlines

If you use this method of ordering, you won’t have your flyers back straight away. Don’t forget to take that into account when you plan your campaign!

(You could probably find another printer who can turn around your order sooner, if you need them printed ASAP!)

  • For standard (non-recycled) flyers, they will be dispatched to you within five working days of your order, meaning you should have your box of shiny flyers six working days from when your order is complete. (Remember: Monday 29th May is a bank holiday and not a working day.)
  • For 100% recycled flyers, A Local Printer have one print run per week: order and approve proofs by Tuesday, flyers dispatched Thursday for Friday delivery.

On delivery day, the delivery company will text you in the morning with a one-hour slot for your delivery. All there’ll be left to do is to plan the distribution of your flyers!

(Need your flyers quicker? Simply find your own alternative print firm, and submit our artwork to them. Make sure the imprinting is done correctly!)

OR Option B: Choose the manual ordering option, save £20

Want to save £20 by doing your own easy imprinting work with our step-by-step guide? [See our explanation of what this is about…]

If so, then

  1. Right-click and save both sides of the “almost print ready PDF files” links underneath the flyer images above, for the design you want to use.
  2. Use these files in conjunction with our guide to manually imprinting and uploading your own flyers. [Go to guide…]


Any problems with the ordering process, please contact A Local Printer directly and not this website. In the event of technical problems specifically with our artwork, please do email us