#RegisterToVote crowdfunder raises £342 and reaches 70000 young people’s news feeds… Last push before Monday’s deadline!


The crowdfunded paid Facebook ad to young people, urging them to register to vote against the Tories, has now been directly sponsored onto the news feeds of more than 70,000 young people.

A total of £342 has been crowdfunded by a total of 40 donors. Stop the Tories 2017 editor Chris Henderson says: “Thank you very much for making a difference!!”

All advertising is targeted as far as possible to key marginal constituencies:

The post has gone more and more viral as its covering text has been honed, and it has now been seen by a UK-wide total of 265,047 people. with 1,710 shares and a total of 5,353 “engagements” with the post. It is likely that a good proportion of this shares total will have been in marginal seats, due to the 869 people shown the paid ad in targeted locations sharing it to their friends.

The covering text urges young people who are registered to tag friends who might not be. Readers have tagged nearly 50 friends below the line in public comments.

We are now giving the crowdfunder a last push. We can spend all monies donatedwithin one hour if necessary, so the crowdfunder will remain open till 9pm on Monday.

Can you donate £3 today and get the paid ad onto 600 extra young people’s news feeds in the right locations before the deadline?

Final stats will be posted here after the registration deadline.