Toolkit launched for D.I.Y. wildcat flyering against the Tories

Want to do D.I.Y. leafleting against the Tories in the General Election 2017 campaign? Do you prefer to use indie, non-party flyers? Don’t have flyers or a design to hand?

This website provides everything you need to run a DIY leafleting campaign where you live… and keep it legal.

Choose free double-sided flyer artwork from a gallery

We’ve provided eight free, high-quality double-sided flyer designs.

Click on a thumbnail image below to see both sides of the flyer design enlarged in a new window.




Drawing on political psychology, the double-sided designs combine the following elements:

  • snappy slogan
  • Imagery which encourages the public to make alternative psychological connections aimed at making it psychologically harder for people to vote for the Tories. The featured images very different to the Tory media imagery of “strong and stable”, union jacks etc etc
  •  A tabloid-style piece of copy on the reverse
  •  Sources for claims made and/or links to further information
  • hashtag, to drive people to investigate the issues further for themselves on social media

Viral Facebook memes straight onto flyers!

All of the flyer front designs were previously highly popular Facebook memes. Some of them have already gone truly viral on Facebook to hundreds of thousands of people.

You can freely take any of this artwork straight to your nearest printer. We’ve also provided instructions on how to include the legally required small print – it’s easy!

No-hassle print order toolkit – £85/£105 for 5,000 flyers delivered to your door

Or… We’ve even teamed up with a trusted print firm to give you an express phone ordering service. Just order 5000 flyers direct from our recommended printer today! Either:

Or, take up indie Facebook publishing instead…

Would you prefer to campaign onlinePerhaps with a smaller budget? 

We’ve also prepared a toolkit for indie Facebook publishing against the Tories.It’s easy and a lot of fun, and you can make a genuine impact with any advertising budget from just £3.

£3 typically buys sponsored posts on at least 500 Facebook users’ news feeds… and YOU can choose exactly which kinds of people you’re reaching on Facebook (including by shared interest), and where. With a slightly bigger budget, you can reach many thousands of people.

Can you speak to your people better than politicians can? Do you want to speak out against the Tories? Go ahead, we’ve aimed to give you all the tools you need to get started!

This project is run by Chris Henderson, a freelance creative activist-publisher. Chris used to be a Green Party local comms officer, local organiser, and social media trainer. However he is now working independently, freelance, and non-aligned with any party. For more about the project and its creator, see the About Stop the Tories 2017 webpage.

We want more flyer artwork! Have you got good flyer designs that should be added to our toolkit gallery? Please see instructions here.