Misleading article on The Canary regarding The Sun’s response to the MEN Arena bombing

#StopTheTories Channel shared to its Facebook page an article published by The Canary on 24 May 2017, claiming that in the aftermath of the MEN Arena bombing in Manchester, The Sun newspaper ran the front-page headline “Blood On His Hands” about Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed historical connections with the IRA – with the intention of making a politicised link between this and the bombing.

In fact, the edition of The Sun with this front page went to press at 10pm on 22 May – half an hour before the bombing. Soon afterwards, a second edition of that day’s Sun newspaper went to press with “Terror at Teen Concert” replacing the Corbyn story.

#StopTheTories Channel has deleted the incorrect Canary article from its Facebook page, with apologies.

[Read more about this on the Press Gazette website…]

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