Tory Government won’t reduce the six-week wait for Universal Credit despite MPs’ warnings

From the Guardian: Theresa May will not reduce the six-week delay faced by many Universal Credit claimants despite being warned by Conservative MPs that the policy is hurting vulnerable families, sources have told the Guardian.

On Wednesday, Labour will reveal new figures, that suggest Universal Credit cuts could push 1 million more children into poverty by 2020.

The figure is included in a report by the Child Action Poverty Group, to be published in the next few weeks, which also warns that 300,000 of those affected will be under the age of five.

Labour will say claim that benefit recipients could be spending more than £50m a year calling a Department for Work and Pensions helpline, at a cost of up to 55p a minute, after government figures showed the helpline received 31.8m calls from mobiles last year.

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