Minister: Rest of world should be learning from Tory disability policies

disability news service mordauntFrom Disability News Service: The Tory minister “for” disabled people has dismissed a damning UN report on her government’s disability rights record, arguing that the rest of the world should instead be learning from the UK’s policies.

Penny Mordaunt was speaking weeks after the UN’s committee on the rights of persons with disabilities said the government’s social protection policies had caused a “human catastrophe” for disabled people.

Mordaunt defended her government’s record and even said she wanted to “promote” its disability policies so that they could be a “catalyst for change elsewhere in the world”.

Much of Mordaunt’s response was not aimed at the contents of the UN report but at explaining why the UN was wrong to criticise the UK government so extensively.

She wrongly claimed that the UK was “one of the few nations” to ratify the UN convention’s optional protocol on the rights of persons with disabilities, when 92 have done so.

And she claimed the Tory government’s next step would be to “correct some of the factual inaccuracies in the UN report”.

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