“Wage growth since 2010” meme

On 31 October the #StopTheTories Channel Facebook page shared a meme of unknown origin headlined “Tory economic competence – wage growth since 2010”, pairing the image with extracts of a Guardian report on TUC research from which the meme’s figures were taken.

Unfortunately, in verifying that the meme’s figures for wage growth in Poland, Germany, France and Britain were correct, Stop the Tories Channel failed to spot that the figures for each country actually related to the period since 2007, not since 2010 as stated in the meme.

This was naughty on the part of the meme’s unknown author, since it means that the last three years of the last Labour government were attributed to the current Tory government.

#StopTheTories Channel has therefore deleted the meme, with apologies.

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