About the Progressive Alliance

From The Progressive Alliance: The Progressive Alliance is an historic campaign that began at a time when many progressive people had just about given up hope that British politics could change.

Together, we decided that something had to be done. We decided that if we wanted to change things, progressive people would have to start working together – not against each other. And then, on the announcement of a snap election by Theresa May, we launched the biggest tactical voting campaign in British political history.

Volunteers up and down the country began sowing the seeds of a new politics – leafleting, canvassing and even holding Bernie Sanders-inspired ‘Barnstorms’.

We held a huge launch party attended by nearly 1,000 people, with inspiring talks, comedy and performances by progressive leaders, poets, campaigners, comedians and musicians from the UK and progressive movements around the world.

Meanwhile, we managed to secure 41 local alliances between progressive parties. Courageous local heroes volunteered to put aside the old, tribal party politics, in favour of a new way of doing things – standing together, united, in order to defeat the Tories.

And amongst all this, we got together to build an ultra-advanced tactical voting tool, Vote Smart, to tell voters how to vote and campaign to change the government.

We made videos, went viral on social media and got amazing coverage in the press, leading the Mirror, a traditional Labour newspaper, to endorse tactical voting just days before the election. More than 3,000 generous donors helped us raise thousands of pounds to make it all happen.

Election night proved that all our hard work was worth it. More than 15 target seats were won because brilliant local people and leaders stood united to defeat the Tories. After a dramatic exit poll and a night of outstanding wins for progressive candidates, the conversation has quickly become about: What happens next to the Progressive Alliance?

It doesn’t end here. The election campaign was about unity, collaboration and doing things differently. It was about creating the change that we, as progressives, want to see in the world. It was about standing together, against all the odds, and daring to believe that we could make a real difference. And it’s in this spirit that we now move forward.

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