More blood on Britain’s hands as Saudis kill children in bus attack

From Morning Star: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman may project himself to simpering allies in Washington, London and Tel Aviv as the face of change, but domestic repression and war crimes in Yemen persist.

The Saudi military coalition, engaged in erasing all resistance in its southern neighbour, obliterated a bus in Saada province today, killing up to 39 people – the majority infants – and wounding another 43.

This massacre is merely the latest in a long list by the Saudi coalition, seeking to impose its will by terror bombing since its ground troops have failed so far to achieve its aim.

To improve its chances, Saudi Arabia and its coalition of corrupt Gulf kingdoms spend freely on weapons of mass destruction from Western powers, especially the US and Britain.

Britain’s Campaign Against the Arms Trade estimates that our Tory government has licensed £4.7 billion of arms to Saudi forces since the bombing campaign began in 2015, during which period 10,000 people have been killed.

RAF personnel have also been seconded to the Saudis, ostensibly to teach them to operate new British warplanes, but there are allegations of closer involvement.

Theresa May welcomed the Saudi crown prince to Britain earlier this year, signing new trade deals worth around £65bn and clearly judging that business takes precedence over concerns about mass civilian casualties.

Jeremy Corbyn took a stand against May’s blood-soaked commerce during the state visit, accusing her of “colluding” with Riyadh to commit war crimes against Yemen’s women and children and asserting that ministers should be held “accountable” for the “very large numbers of children” killed and injured by Saudi air strikes.

The Labour leader said that “British military advisers are directing war” in Yemen, citing direct advice given in operations rooms by British military personnel to Saudi air crews about aerial targeting.

Nor are warplanes the main scourge of the poorest and weakest in Yemen, with cholera spreading and already affecting over 600,000 children and, most criminal of all, Riyadh blockading the port of Hudaydah to prevent urgently needed medical supplies — once again on the pretext that Iran is supplying weaponry to the Houthis through Hudaydah.

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