Corbyn: I’ll create 400,000 green jobs

From BBC News: Jeremy Corbyn will promise to “kickstart a green jobs revolution” if Labour wins power, in his closing speech to his party’s conference.

He will point to Labour’s commitment to reduce the UK’s net carbon emissions by 60% by 2030 – and to zero by 2050.

To achieve that, 400,000 skilled jobs will need to be created, he will tell delegates in Liverpool.

The move will be part of a “radical plan we need to rebuild and transform Britain”, the Labour leader will say.

Much of the money to pay for the policy will come from the public purse – such as the £12.8bn Labour says it will set aside for subsidies to insulate homes in Labour’s first term.

The party says this policy alone will create 160,000 new jobs. There will also be subsidies for offshore and onshore wind and solar energy.

But the private sector will be encouraged to invest in onshore wind through changes to planning guidance – and landlords will be forced to invest in retrofitting older properties.

He will also use his speech in Liverpool to announce proposals for more free childcare in England.

The party has announced a string of new policies, building on those contained in its 2017 general election manifesto.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell unveiled plans to force large companies to give staff 1% of their shares a year, netting them up to £500 a year each.

He also set out plans to “democratise” the economy by renationalising the water industry, which he said would hand power to workers, consumers and local councils.

Further nationalisations – of the rail, mail and energy industries – would follow under a Labour government.

The party is hoping for a general election within months if Theresa May’s government collapses over Brexit.

In his speech, Jeremy Corbyn will say “the old way of running things isn’t working anymore” and Labour’s better-than-expected election result last year showed voters were ready for something new.

“Ten years ago this month, the whole edifice of greed-is-good, deregulated financial capitalism, lauded for a generation as the only way to run a modern economy, came crashing to earth, with devastating consequences.

“But instead of making essential changes to a broken economic system, the political and corporate establishment strained every sinew to bail out and prop up the system that led to the crash in the first place.

“People in this country know – they showed that in June last year – that the old way of running things isn’t working any more.”

Labour’s energy plans would “make Britain the only developed country outside Scandinavia to be on track to meet our climate change obligations,” Mr Corbyn will say.

And they will bring “skills and security to communities held back for too long”, in all parts of the UK.

Greenpeace said Mr Corbyn’s plans for a “low-carbon Britain” showed “real leadership”, saying the party was taking the issue “as seriously as is needed to have any real prospect of avoiding the worst impacts of climate change here and around the world”.

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