“VOTE HUMAN” #GE17 Facebook meme goes viral to 270,000 news feeds; creator seeks donations to reach millions more feeds

An artivist working independently from his living room has made a non-aligned, #TogetherWeWin Facebook art meme with the message “VOTE HUMAN” go viral to over 270,000 Facebook news feeds. This includes crowdfunded reach to many thousands of people well outside the notorious usual Facebook left-of-centre “bubble”. He is now seeking further sponsorship to turn 270,000 views into millions of views, with mass reach to people who DON’T normally see anti-Tory posts on their news feeds. [Sponsorship link…]

The covering text of the Facebook post highlights the issue of sociopathy amongst Tory front-bench MPs, quoting and linking to a grass-roots blog post. It starts: “A sociopath is defined as someone who is utterly selfish, has no empathy with anyone else and will ruthlessly exploit other’s weaknesses for their own benefit. There is no lie they will not tell, no despicable action they won’t take to get what they want and, when caught out, will move heaven and earth to distance themselves from the consequences of what they’ve done.” [Read more…]

Over 2,000 Facebook users have shared the post, which is still growing at the time of writing. Nearly 22,000 Facebook users have clicked somewhere on the post.

The artivist-organiser, who is currently choosing to remain anonymous claiming “#GE17 is about the spontaneous eruption of a leaderless mass social movement to #StopTheTories“, now seeks further sponsorship to turn 270,000 views into millions of views.

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If you vote Conservative on 8th June, you are voting to starve children

Teachers have reported “heartbreaking” increases in the numbers of poor children at primary schools going hungry.

Over half of surveyed teachers have children in their school who go hungry during school holidays, when no school meals are available. Most of those teachers also see children arrive at school hungry. Substantial numbers of teachers also report seeing children return from school holidays with signs of malnourishment.

One teacher said: “In addition to holiday hunger I have families who cannot cook a meal because their oven is broken and they cannot afford to get it repaired. I have families with disabled children who cannot easily leave the house and shop for affordable healthy food because it is too difficult and they have no help.”

Another teacher said: “It’s heart-breaking to hear children not wanting holidays because they don’t get to eat enough.”

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