Choose an anti-Tory DIY flyer design – order 5,000 flyers delivered to your door

Choose a design below, and take our free artwork. £105 buys 5000 high-quality anti-Tory flyers, your choice of design from our menu, ordered with one phone call and one bank transfer, delivered to your door.

(You can reduce the cost to just £85, if you’re able tdo your own small amount of screen work on the flyer files first. We give you a step-by-step guide.)

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VERY IMPORTANT legal instructions


The flyer designs are not quite print-ready.

All of the flyer design PDFs on this website are provided with three lines of placeholder small print on one side:

  • “Printed by… at …”
  • “Promoted by… at …”
  • “DO NOT PRINT UNTIL THIS LINE REMOVED AND ABOVE LINES CORRECTLY FILLED IN with a person’s name and a postal address”

That means they’re NOT ready to print just as they are. We’ve done this because you MUST change the text in this box yourself…

OR if not, you will probably have to pay your printer a fee to do it for you (£20 if you use our recommended online printer A Local Printer).

You cannot just leave this small print as it is.

Why is this? You have to fill in the box correctly because your flyers may not legally be printed until you have done so, following these instructions.

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Prepare your flyer files and save £20

Want to save £20 on your flyer order? Can you follow instructions for a screen task?!

These step-by-step instructions will save you £20 on your order from A Local Printer. Just do your own small piece of screen work as directed here, to imprint your own flyers. Then manually submit these files to the printer – again we provide instructions.

This will bring your cost down to just £85 for 5,000 flyers (or £90 for 100% recycled flyers).

Happily, this is an easy thing to do – you do not need to have design skills! We’ve provided a step-by-step guide for you – you can do it in minutes now.

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Ideas for fundraising

Can you fundraise?

How easy or how difficult is it for you to get your hands on £105 to fight Tories independently, on your terms, in your own community?

Do you have any family, friends, colleagues or teammates with a few spare quid, who passionately oppose the Tories and badly want to see things turned around in #GE17? Can they help you club together for £105? 

Or maybe it’s more difficult for you, but achievable, and you’ll need to do a slightly bigger fundraise:

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Extra resources for potentially big-spending anti-Tory campaigners

A few links that it’s very important you should refer to if you may be in a position to fundraise and/or spend a five-figure sum campaigning against the Tories.

Refer back to the previous page for an overview of “registered non-party campaigner” requirements with the Electoral Commission.

If you might reach the £9,750 expenditure limit for campaigning in a single constituency

If you might be in a position to fundraise/spend more than £20,000

To become a registered non-party campaigner it is essential that you read these documents.