Animal sentience vote

#StopTheTories Channel has deleted a post shared to the Facebook page from The London Economic, and a second post shared from indy100, on the topic of the recent ‘animal sentience’ amendment vote in the House of Commons.

This topic went extremely viral across social media, but Conservative politicians and fellow traveller journalists have been screaming “fake news” on it.

The main Independent website has since posted a careful clarification piece, in which they summarise the problem with the viral headlines as follows:

Many of the reports did miss a very specific but very important detail of what happened. Nobody voted that animals aren’t sentient, because that wasn’t ever up for a vote. Instead, they didn’t vote that they were. A number of stories gave a misleading impression by eliding that distinction.

The amendment that would have explicitly recognised animal sentience was tabled by Green MP Caroline Lucas. She says it is important because recognition of sentience is a principle upon which later laws can be decided. If the Lisbon Treaty text is not integrated into UK law, the current explicit recognition of animals as sentient beings will disappear.

After the vote, Dr Lucas said: “It’s only an obsession with refusing changes to the EU Withdrawal Bill that’s stopping Ministers adopting this amendment now.”

In other words, a fair report of what happened is that the Tories’ increasingly desperate attempts to manage their Brexit shitstorm in the Commons were considered more important at this point in time than protecting explicit legal recognition of animal sentience.

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“Wage growth since 2010” meme

On 31 October the #StopTheTories Channel Facebook page shared a meme of unknown origin headlined “Tory economic competence – wage growth since 2010”, pairing the image with extracts of a Guardian report on TUC research from which the meme’s figures were taken.

Unfortunately, in verifying that the meme’s figures for wage growth in Poland, Germany, France and Britain were correct, Stop the Tories Channel failed to spot that the figures for each country actually related to the period since 2007, not since 2010 as stated in the meme.

This was naughty on the part of the meme’s unknown author, since it means that the last three years of the last Labour government were attributed to the current Tory government.

#StopTheTories Channel has therefore deleted the meme, with apologies.

Fake photo showing Arlene Foster on a UVF graffiti wall

In the immediate aftermath of the #GE17 result and the Tory Party’s efforts to cling to power by making a deal with the DUP, #StopTheTories Channel was deceived into sharing a fake Photoshopped photo on its Facebook page.

This photo showed a wall covered by graffiti from loyalist paramilitary group the UVF, in a typical Belfast sectarian manner. However, the graffiti appeared to include a large, painstaking painting of DUP leader Arlene Foster with a reverential caption.

This was a fake Photoshopped addition; #StopTheTories Channel has now been made aware of the original real photo. Therefore the photo has now been deleted from the #StopTheTories Channel Facebook page. Apologies.

Misleading article on The Canary regarding The Sun’s response to the MEN Arena bombing

#StopTheTories Channel shared to its Facebook page an article published by The Canary on 24 May 2017, claiming that in the aftermath of the MEN Arena bombing in Manchester, The Sun newspaper ran the front-page headline “Blood On His Hands” about Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed historical connections with the IRA – with the intention of making a politicised link between this and the bombing.

In fact, the edition of The Sun with this front page went to press at 10pm on 22 May – half an hour before the bombing. Soon afterwards, a second edition of that day’s Sun newspaper went to press with “Terror at Teen Concert” replacing the Corbyn story.

#StopTheTories Channel has deleted the incorrect Canary article from its Facebook page, with apologies.

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