David Cameron: Opponents of austerity are “selfish”

From Sky News: Speaking at an Asia Leadership Conference in Seoul, South Korea, David Cameron said: “The opponents of so-called austerity couch their arguments in a way that make them sound generous and compassionate… Giving up on sound finances isn’t being generous, it’s being selfish: spending money today that you may need tomorrow.”

27 times the Tory Party have had a racism problem

[From the Daily Mirror…]

1. The time David Cameron went to apartheid South Africa
2. When Boris Johnson described black people as “piccaninnies”
3. When the magazine edited by Boris Johnson published an article claiming ‘black people have lower IQs’
4. The councillor who posted a picture of a gorilla alongside a critical comment about an Asian Labour councillor on a blog
5. The councillor who said Romanians would ‘stick a knife in you’
6. The MP who said members were treated like Jews in Nazi Germany after the expenses scandal
7. The councillor who complained about ‘foreign names’ among parliamentary candidates
8. The councillor who moaned there were “too many P***s” in his town
9. When Lord Tebbit told Baroness Warsi to be quiet after she spoke out about Islamophobia

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David Cameron at centre of “get rid of all the green crap” storm

From The Guardian: David Cameron was at the centre of a storm on Thursday over whether he ordered aides to “get rid of all the green crap” from energy bills in a drive to bring down costs.

The language, attributed to Cameron in the Sun newspaper by a senior Tory source, sparked a furious reaction from campaigners accusing the prime minister of abandoning his promise to run the greenest government ever.

Although Downing Street said it did not “recognise” the phrase as one used by the prime minister, Cameron’s team has not explicitly denied that he had ever referred to environmental policies as “green crap”.

The Sun quoted an unnamed source as saying: “The prime minister is going round Number 10 saying: ‘We have got to get rid of all this green crap’. He is totally focused on it. We used to say: ‘Vote blue, go green’, now it’s: ‘Vote blue, get real’.”

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