Scotland: Research finds Scottish Greens and SNP are the most trusted parties on digital platforms

From The National: A new study by a team of Scottish academics has shown that the Scottish Greens and the SNP are the most trusted parties on the reliability of facts they present on the internet and social media, while the Scottish Conservatives are the least trusted.

The study by Professor Rita Marcella, research fellow Graeme Baxter and researcher Agnieszka Walicka explored public perceptions of the reliability of information presented online as “facts” by Scottish political parties.

It is the follow-up to the study they carried out about the referendum in 2014, which found that citizens were “generally sceptical about the reliability of information presented online as ‘the facts’ or ‘the truth’ by Better Together, Yes Scotland, and the main Scottish political parties”.

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May’s deal with DUP faces legal challenge from crowdfunding campaign

From The Guardian: A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise funds for a potential legal challenge to Theresa May’s parliamentary deal with the Democratic Unionist party, on the grounds that it breaches the Good Friday agreement.

Lawyers acting for Ciaran McClean, a Green Party politician in Northern Ireland, allege that the pact between the minority Conservative government and the DUP is in breach of both the landmark 1998 Northern Ireland peace deal and the Bribery Act.

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Amplifying The Green Party’s social media and digital campaign during the UK General Election

From social media marketing agency Montfort: The challenge was multi-faceted; Montfort was to assist The Green Party during an exceptionally busy time. Joining the team in ‘all hands on deck’ moment and immediately stepping in on social media implementation with the appropriate tone. A breadth of different content activities needed support, including copywriting, community management, live events and creative strategy.

As well as hands-on core social, a particular role was strategy and execution of Facebook paid media, with Montfort setting up, managing and reporting on advertising throughout the project. A key objective of the paid campaign was to drive engagement and reach new audiences with The Green Party messaging.

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Greens’ advert causes social media storm as kids play politicians

From The Guardian: Shot in one day last week, the Green party ad campaign featuring children acting as political leaders has attracted nearly 500,000 views across the party’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts within 24 hours.

The brainchild of ad agency Creature of London the offering has already eclipsed a rival ad from the Labour party featuring actor Art Malik talking about the government’s failings, which attracted under 20,000 views on Labour’s official Facebook and YouTube pages despite being online a day longer.

“The Greens don’t have the budget of a big brand or of the bigger political parties and have a desire to be different and do things differently,” said Dan Shute, co-founder and managing director of Creature. “We wanted to create something memorable that people would talk about and love, and trust me once we had the concept it was certainly not difficult to find material given the state of UK politics.”

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