Plaid Cymru to stand up to Tories and defend Wales in snap election

Press release from Plaid Cymru: Plaid Cymru’s Westminster group leader, Hywel Williams MP, has described the snap general election as an opportunity for the people of Wales to “change course from Labour’s laden government in Cardiff” and “away from the hyper hyper-centralized government in London.”

Speaking in a debate on the general election in the House of Commons, the Arfon MP said that the election would be an opportunity for Wales to cut its own path to “economic regeneration and prosperity, and a proper, confident Wales in the world.”

He accused the Prime Minister of calling a General Election to ‘see off her enemies sitting behind her’ highlighting the Prime Minister’s inconsistent record on membership of the European Union and the need for a General Election before 2020. He retold of how the Prime Minister was initially in favour of leaving the European Union but U-turned on this and then reversed her position once again once becoming Prime Minister. Mr Williams also reiterated the Prime Minister’s previous position that she would not call an early General Election, instead focus on “stability, to be able to deal with the issues that the country is facing”.

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