Jonathan Pie: “This country spends millions papering over poverty with flammable cladding”… and it’s a metaphor for Tory ideology

Jonathan Pie on Tory Britain: “This country spends millions on social housing. Not building social housing or making it safe, clean and habitable, but where we spend millions papering over poverty with flammable cladding.”

Papering Over Poverty

Is austerity putting lives in danger?

Posted by Jonathan Pie on Sunday, June 18, 2017

“If that isn’t a metaphor for what this government’s ideology has done to our country, I don’t know what is.

“Cladding over poverty, so that posh people simply don’t have to look at it. Not in any way improving poor people’s lives, just ensuring that posh people don’t have to look at shitty houses. Priority #1.

“For an extra £2 you can make each section of cladding fireproof. ‘What’s the fucking point of that?’ Says it all, doesn’t it. Cladding over poverty, a veneer of compassion, a dangerous, sub-standard, least-amount-of-hassle-possible facade, to ensure the rich don’t have to acknowledge the existence or realities of being poor.

“We don’t need to make social housing better, we just need to make it look better. Because then property prices in the area will increase, and that is good for our economy, which is good for everyone… But mainly good for people in nice houses. Read more

Jonathan Pie’s rant on #StrongAndStable: 7 million views and counting

Strong & Unstable

This reporter is strong but unstable.

Posted by Jonathan Pie on Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jonathan Pie says: “Even the Tories don’t think we’d be stupid enough to buy ‘Things Can Only Get Better’, cos they just can’t really, can they?”

“In the 24 months that the Tories have had a majority, they called for a public debate on the EU which was fought so appallingly and cynically that we’re now out of the EU. Strong and stable!”

“In 24 months they’ve reneged on virtually every promise they gave to the Scottish people during their referendum, which could finally lead to the eventual collapse of the United Kingdom. Strong and stable!”

“After promising he wouldn’t, Cameron resigns, leaving Theresa May, a Remainer who is now staking her premiership on getting us a Hard Brexit. It’s great to have someone of conviction at the helm, isn’t it? A Government which is currently being investigated for electoral fraud on a massive scale, by multiple police forces covering 29 constituencies. Meaning they’re either incompetent or criminal when it comes to finance. Strong and stable!”

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