Legal, copyright and disclaimers


#StopTheTories Channel (STC) provides an extensive range of aggregated and curated hyperlinks to content on third-party traditional and new media platforms around the Internet.

The European Court of Justice ruled in February 2014 that website owners may use hyperlinks to link to copyright material on third-party websites, as long as the material is freely available and accessible on those other websites.

As STC is a political activism project which is advertising-free and not-for-profit (and also currently unfunded), aiming at serving the public interest rather than any private commercial interest, no one is ‘free riding’ financially from the reproduction of copyrighted material. STC notes in good faith the 2017 briefing from a (US) lawyer that “Most news aggregation sites that follow those guidelines are accepted by the original news sources; they are viewed as a net benefit, because of the users sent to the original source.”

STC observes the following 2013 best-practice guidelines from MyCurator:

  1. Reproduce only those portions of the headline or article that are necessary to make your point or to identify the story. Do not reproduce the story in its entirety. 
  2. Try not to use all, or even the majority, of articles available from a single source. Limit yourself to those articles that are directly relevant to your audience.
  3. Prominently identify the source of the article.
  4. Whenever possible, link to the original source of the article.
  5. When possible, provide context or commentary for the material you use. 

All third-party articles appearing on this website are clearly linked to the named original source at the top and bottom, and the vast majority of headlines are additionally directly linked to the original source. ‘Context’ and minimal commentary is provided by the organisation and filtering by hashtags.

For links to corporate media outlets which have commercial syndication services, only a single sentence from the body of the article is usually reproduced on this website (except on rare occasions when one sentence does not adequately indicate the #StopTheTories relevance of the story). The Guardian and the Morning Star are non-corporate newspapers which allow use of longer extracts. For links from independent platforms, STC aims for an inverse relationship between how often we feature that platform and the length of extract used.

On STC’s Facebook page, longer extracts are commonly used in the covering text of all link posts than are used on this website:

  • This Facebook practice demonstrably increases engagements and ‘shares’ of link posts.
  • By default (unless manually selected otherwise by the user) Facebook now removes the ‘original post’ from shares of link posts, meaning that neither STC nor its covering extract appear in most shared link posts.
  • Thus it is believed that use of longer extracts on Facebook link posts has a net positive effect on both their organic spread and the amount of traffic driven to the websites they point to.

STC never reproduces third-party text on its Facebook page without acknowledging the source.


Memes and videos featured by STC are credited to the originating author and/or platform when this is known.

In its own graphics, STC often makes use of ‘stock images’ via Google Images, which serve as a visual representation of a political phenomenon, event or figure. Images from commercial image banks are not used.

STC observes the ‘YouTube principle’ – if requested by the copyright owner, images will be removed from this website and/or social media channels, OR missing image credits will be gladly added.

If you are the copyright owner (or owner’s representative) of any material featured or reproduced on this website, and you have any issue to raise with STC in connection with this, please email

Political disclaimer

News and comment articles from third-party media sources are selected and collated in substantial quantities by STC, and organised by hashtag, to present patterns of #ToryBritain life, Tory Government failure, and Tory politician conduct. STC’s intention is only to feature news and comment which a reasonable person would judge to represent or relate to avoidable failures specifically by a Conservative or Conservative-led government, past or present.

In that context, STC acknowledges that many of the ‘ordinary’ people whose stories it reproduces are not making an explicitly party political point, and their voting intentions are not known.

If any ordinary individual or group (i.e. not a politician, public figure or professional journalist) featured on STC would prefer to be removed, please email

STC also acknowledges that not all of the media outlets whose content it features take an anti-Conservative editorial position.