How to help the Liberal Democrats win

From Mark Pack’s blog: There’s never been a better moment to help the Liberal Democrats (or help a little bit more) than right now. Here then are a few ways you can do just that.

On Facebook? Sign up to this event to show that you are voting Liberal Democrat. It’s a really simple way of spreading the word about how many people are voting Liberal Democrat this time. Having people see that their friends are voting Lib Dem is a powerful way of helping to persuade them to do so too.

You may already be in touch with your local Liberal Democrats, but otherwise, there’s this simple form on the national website.

You can find the party here (Twitter) and here (Facebook), whilst leader Tim Farron is here (Twitter) and here (Facebook). For a bit of extra sass, there’s the Liberal Democrat Press Team or for a mix of unofficial news, there’s Lib Dem Newswire.

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