“Sexist” Tory MP appointed to women’s rights committee

philip davies huffpostFrom Russia Today: An openly anti-feminist Conservative MP has been appointed to the Commons Women & Equalities Committee, which is responsible for holding the Government to account on women’s rights.

Shipley MP Philip Davies, who had argued that women only wanted equality “when it suits,” was elected to the Select Committee without opposition. Read more

Tory MP’s filibuster blocks bill to give carers free hospital parking

From the Guardian: A Conservative MP has blocked a proposed law to introduce free hospital parking for carers by speaking in the House of Commons for 93 minutes in order to use up the time allocated for the debate.

A private member’s bill brought forward by Julie Cooper, Labour MP for Burnley, set out a proposed exemption to hospital parking charges for carers. At the moment hospitals have discretionary powers to grant exemptions to parking charges.

Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, deployed a tactic called filibustering – where MPs speak for so long that a vote is delayed or prevented – and spoke about his opposition to the bill for more than an hour and a half.

He was aided by the Conservative MPs Christopher Chope and David Nuttall, who spoke for another hour and 20 minutes between them.

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