#NotAllAboutCorbyn meme reaches 65,000 people – crowdfunder now open

This Facebook post has been seen by 65,000 people with an advertising budget of just £50. That budget has sponsored the ad onto over 9,000 news feeds, with the rest of the views coming “organically”.

The Conservative Party and their media friends are intent on exploiting public doubts about Jeremy Corbyn, to push the narrative that you “must” re-elect the Tories and Theresa May. Those who frame elections, win them. This Facebook post is an efficient way of challenging the dominant media narrative about #GE17, visually reminding people of just how awful Tory government actually is. The covering text of the Facebook post includes a summary of a salient news article about each of the issues pictured in the meme, with a link for further reading.

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Update on #VotingToryKillsDisabledPeople Facebook paid ad crowdfunder: 110,000 people reached

Just £200 spent on Facebook paid advertising on this post, showcasing disability activist Fiona Robertson‘s brave and brilliant writing on the impact of #GE17 on disabled people, has reached the news feeds of over 110,000 Facebook users with over 3,800 interactions including 950 shares. Direct paid reach with the £200 has been about 35,000 – meaning that shares of the post have tripled its reach.

The sponsored post is now on its second version (above), optimised in the kind of highly visual format that most typically goes viral on Facebook – bringing even better results than directly sponsoring Fiona’s original blog post.

We are now seeking further donations to our crowdfunder. Your £3 donation directly reaches the news feeds of around 550 extra Facebook users – all targeted to marginal seats. 

Update #2 on Simon Kirby crowdfunded meme: direct sponsored reach to 31,000 Brighton/Peacehaven residents; total UK reach 449,000

Our local crowdfunder for Brighton Kemptown, highlighting the record and the vulnerability of Tory MP Simon Kirby, has now raised £194. This sum has been used to direct sponsor the above post onto the Facebook news feeds of nearly 31,000 people in Brighton, Rottingdean and Peacehaven – more than 20% of all Facebook users in the target area.

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Closing update on #RegisterToVote campaign: £371 raised; crowdfunded ads directly reaches 84,000 news feeds targeted to marginal seats, among total reach of of 284,000

Thank you very much to all of the 45 donors who contributed a total of £371 to our crowdfunder, directly sponsoring our #RegisterToVote post on to the Facebook news feeds of 84,000 young people aged 18-25, targeted to marginal seats. Net of PayPal transaction fees on donations, the total crowdfunded advertising budget was £350.61 generating the following results:

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#RegisterToVote crowdfunder raises £342 and reaches 70000 young people’s news feeds… Last push before Monday’s deadline!


The crowdfunded paid Facebook ad to young people, urging them to register to vote against the Tories, has now been directly sponsored onto the news feeds of more than 70,000 young people.

A total of £342 has been crowdfunded by a total of 40 donors. Stop the Tories 2017 editor Chris Henderson says: “Thank you very much for making a difference!!”

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Toolkit launched for D.I.Y. wildcat flyering against the Tories

Want to do D.I.Y. leafleting against the Tories in the General Election 2017 campaign? Do you prefer to use indie, non-party flyers? Don’t have flyers or a design to hand?

This website provides everything you need to run a DIY leafleting campaign where you live… and keep it legal.

Choose free double-sided flyer artwork from a gallery

We’ve provided eight free, high-quality double-sided flyer designs.

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New crowdfunder: Anti #SimonKirby meme goes viral to 267,000 people with only £100 spent!

So this is interesting. Twitter user @Rachael_Swindon has been producing handy, and very popular, little memes like this:

Now, Facebook has not traditionally allowed “paid boosting” of images which are covered in text. However, they’ve recently loosened their rules, which are no longer very clear; they do tell you that texty images “may not run”, and a couple of paid boosts I’ve attempted have been unsuccessful. But, but, I’ve been allowed to paid boost this meme to Brighton and Peacehaven residents unhindered, and it’s gone super viral! Here are the stats for direct reach of the £100 I’ve been able to spend:

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#RegisterToVote crowdfunder update: £180 raised, 28,000 extra young people’s news feeds reached

So, I’ve been spending most of my activist time lately setting up the flyer design gallery, and the main crowdfunder push for the donation pages set up on this website will be coming within maybe the next week or so…

But with the voter registration deadline approaching, I’ve given a bit of a push to the #RegisterToVote crowdfunder, and had a good response! Thank you very much to everyone who’s donated. £180 has now been raised – £171.11 net of our crowdfunder platform fees.

That’s all been put into Facebook, and at the time of writing £143.44 of that has been spent. That money has directly reached nearly 29,000 young people’s news feeds, targeted as far as possible to marginal seats.

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Current stats for sponsored #StopTheTories Facebook campaigns

#VotingToryStarvesChildren stats:

At the time of writing, the #VotingToryStarvesChildren campaign with a spend of £370 has generated 446,445 views and over 4,000 shares.

#VoteHuman stats

The #VoteHuman campaign, with £250 spent, has reached over 270,000 people with 2,100 shares.

#VotingToryKillsDisabledPeople stats

The #VotingToryKillsDisabledPeople campaign sponsoring Fiona Robertson’s blog piece, with £151.90 spent on promotion, has produced 65,000 page views and, strikingly, 500 shares.

With this campaign I would like to replace this post with a more visually eye-catching version. Can anyone help with coming up with a design concept as visually striking as the #VotingToryStarvesChildren meme?

#RegisterToVote campaign

With just £30 spent on the #RegisterToVote campaign, all targeted to 18-25 year olds in highly marginal constituencies, 48,000 people have been reached and 55 have shared.

To see full stats keep reading…

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“VOTE HUMAN” #GE17 Facebook meme goes viral to 270,000 news feeds; creator seeks donations to reach millions more feeds

An artivist working independently from his living room has made a non-aligned, #TogetherWeWin Facebook art meme with the message “VOTE HUMAN” go viral to over 270,000 Facebook news feeds. This includes crowdfunded reach to many thousands of people well outside the notorious usual Facebook left-of-centre “bubble”. He is now seeking further sponsorship to turn 270,000 views into millions of views, with mass reach to people who DON’T normally see anti-Tory posts on their news feeds. [Sponsorship link…]

The covering text of the Facebook post highlights the issue of sociopathy amongst Tory front-bench MPs, quoting and linking to a grass-roots blog post. It starts: “A sociopath is defined as someone who is utterly selfish, has no empathy with anyone else and will ruthlessly exploit other’s weaknesses for their own benefit. There is no lie they will not tell, no despicable action they won’t take to get what they want and, when caught out, will move heaven and earth to distance themselves from the consequences of what they’ve done.” [Read more…]

Over 2,000 Facebook users have shared the post, which is still growing at the time of writing. Nearly 22,000 Facebook users have clicked somewhere on the post.

The artivist-organiser, who is currently choosing to remain anonymous claiming “#GE17 is about the spontaneous eruption of a leaderless mass social movement to #StopTheTories“, now seeks further sponsorship to turn 270,000 views into millions of views.

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