“On planet reality the Tories are the radical economic extremists, not Jeremy Corbyn”

From Another Angry Voice: “Every single time you hear someone from the political right trying to make out that Jeremy Corbyn is some kind of hard-left economic extremist (as if the Tories are economic moderates in comparison), you’ve got to remember that they’re trying to convince you that black is white.

“In reality Labour’s core economic policies under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership (public ownership of the rail industry, water companies, mail service, health service, police services & national grid + a National Investment Bank) are quite normal centre-left policies that are commonplace across the developed world.

“Not only are these policies commonplace across the developed world, they’re all incredibly popular with the public. Renationalisation of our core infrastructure and services has overwhelming public support.

“There is a constant right-wing political narrative that Jeremy Corbyn is a terrifying hard-left economic extremist which rarely ever gets challenged by the mainstream media. But the really crazy thing is that while mainstream media hacks continually allow right-wingers to smear Jeremy Corbyn and Labour as economic extremists when they’re not, they’re simultaneously letting the Tories get away with implementing one crackpot economic policy from the hard-right fringe after another.”

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Poll reveals how many people actually think Corbyn pledged to wipe student debt

From Daily Mirror: Tories have repeatedly accused Mr Corbyn of tricking students into voting for him by saying he didn’t “see why” they should suffer with historic student debt. But a poll has found only 17% of those who read the Labour leader’s statement think he was promising to wipe out all student debt.

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Anti-Corbyn BBC headline makes out that being Prime Minister is a closed-book exam

The top BBC headline yesterday afternoon was that, on Woman’s Hour, Jeremy Corbyn was not able to recall the cost of Labour’s childcare policy off the top of his head.

Not that it hadn’t been revealed – Angela Rayner had announced it previously, and he had access to it.

Nor that he got it wrong, but that he couldn’t immediately remember it and had to look it up.

And the follow-up question was whether this meant we couldn’t trust Labour with our money.

Running the country isn’t a closed-book exam. You don’t have to know every relevant figure without notes.

If you don’t know it, isn’t it a good reaction to say so and look it up, rather than trying to bluff or refusing to answer?

#BBCbias #MediaBias #GiveCorbynAFairChance: The top BBC headline yesterday afternoon was that, on Woman's Hour, Jeremy…

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Only 11% of all newspaper articles about Corbyn accurately state even one of his actual policies

From Another Angry Voice: A London School of Economics study into how Jeremy Corbyn is represented in the media found that only a paltry 11% of all newspaper articles about him bothered to accurately state a single one of his actual policies. In the Daily Mail and Daily Express that figure was 0%.

Given this lack of unbiased political coverage it’s not difficult to understand why so many people are so unfamiliar with Jeremy Corbyn’s actual policies, and tend to judge him as if politics is some kind of vapid personality contest.

#GiveCorbynAFairChance: A London School of Economics study into how Jeremy Corbyn is represented in the media found that…

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15 times when Jeremy Corbyn was on the right side of history

From The World Turned Upside Down:

  • Apartheid: Jeremy was a staunch opponent of the Apartheid regime and a supporter of Nelson Mandela and the ANC.
  • Austerity: Right from the beginning Jeremy argued and campaigned against austerity.
  • Tuition fees: Jeremy opposed New Labour’s introduction of university tuition fees, which explicitly broke Labour’s 1997 election manifesto pledge, as well as all of the subsequent increases. Fees were then trebled under New Labour before being trebled again by the coalition government, leaving the average student in £53k of debt.
  • LGBT rights: As noted in Pink News, Jeremy was an early champion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) rights. At a time when the Tories decried supporting LGBT rights as ‘loony left’, Jeremy voted against section 28 which sought to demonise same-sex relationships.
  • Iraq: In the 1970s and 1980s, while the UK and other Western government were selling weapons to their ally Saddam Hussein, Jeremy campaigned and demonstrated against it, as well as protesting against the mass killings of Iraqi Kurds by Saddam’s regime.

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BBC and other mainstream media guilty of ‘clear and consistent bias’ against Corbyn, study finds

From RT: British news channels are blatantly biased against Jeremy Corbyn, giving far more airtime to commentators who openly criticize the Labour Party leader than those who support him, a second study of the phenomenon shows.

New research by the Media Reform Coalition and Birkbeck University of London shows there has been a “clear and consistent bias” both online and on television against Corbyn since the coup against his leadership was launched after the EU referendum.

Similar conclusions were drawn earlier in July by a similar London School of Economics (LSE) study.

Outlets, including the BBC, were found to have given Corbyn opponents double the airtime afforded to Corbynistas.

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