A mother given 50p a week for housing: the benefit cap one year on

The head of policy at the Chartered Institute of Housing writes in the Guardian: “A year on from the introduction of the lower benefit cap, its abiding legacy is to push people closer to homelessness.

“The cap, introduced on 7 November 2016, reduced the total amount any family can receive in benefits from £26,000 to £23,000 in London and £20,000 outside the capital, leaving families with significant shortfalls between the benefits they get and the cost of their housing.

“In our most recent research we spoke to 18 families with capped benefit across the UK and each time we heard a familiar story – one of stress, struggle and a daily fight to remain in their home.

“Half of those families said they had gone without food, fuel or were otherwise in debt as a result of the cut. Among a raft of other hardships a third said they had been forced to use food banks.”

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David Badillo, first firefighter on the Grenfell Tower scene, responds to invite to 10 Downing Street

David Badillo, the first firefighter on the scene of the Grenfell Tower fire, was invited to 10 Downing Street along with 35 of his fire brigade colleagues. This is his public response.

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Posted by Stop the Tories Channel on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A paramedic takes to Facebook to share his experiences of the Tory NHS

As a paramedic I'm really concerned at what I see as a result of the current Conservative Party government. I see more…

Posted by Emergency Action. #GE17 on Thursday, June 1, 2017

NHS workers are rallying against the Tories with the hashtag #publicduty

From indy100: In a campaign by NHS workers against the Conservative government’s reforms to health care, the hashtag #publicduty has been trending. The premise of the hashtag is that NHS workers say “As an [X], it’s my#publicduty to tell you” and then share their view of the state of the NHS after seven years of Conservative rule.

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