Video: Theresa May’s having the time of her life in #ToryBritain

Having the time of her life

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#ToryBritain: 25 snapshots from 2017

#ToryBritain: 25 snapshots from 2017

#ToryBritain: 25 snapshots from 20171) "Austerity linked to 120,000 needless deaths as policy is branded 'economic murder'", Daily Mirror, 16 Nov 2017 "One million patients a week cannot get a GP appointment, statistics show", Daily Telegraph, 6 July 2017 "Nearly 130,000 children to wake up homeless this Christmas as child homelessness reaches 10-year high", Independent, 6 Dec 2017 "One in seven UK private tenants pays more than half income in rent – study", Guardian, 3 July 2017 "Cladding for Grenfell Tower was cheaper, more flammable option", Guardian, 16 June 2017 "More than 600,000 pupils in England taught by unqualified teachers, says Labour", 25 Jul 2017 "Inquiry into disability benefits 'deluged' by tales of despair", Guardian, 27 Nov 2017 "Student debt rising to more than £50,000, says IFS", BBC News, 5 July 2017"Poorest Students Leave University With The Most Debt Thanks To The Tories, Says Report", HuffPost UK, 5 July 2017 "NUT survey on holiday hunger", 17 Apr 2017 "Five hundred head teachers accuse Theresa May of pushing schools 'to breaking point'", Independent, 28 Apr 2017"Headteachers demand more school cash in letter to Hammond", Guardian, 12 Nov 2017 "Food banks warn of struggle to cope this Christmas due to universal credit", Guardian, 7 Nov 2017 "The reality of child poverty", ITV News video, 12 Dec 2017 "NHS chiefs warn Tory underfunding will force them to miss waiting time targets next year", Daily Mirror, 30 Nov 2017 The Women's Aid Annual Survey 2016 "The Tory government has massively raised the number of badgers it wants to slaughter", Daily Mirror, 11 Sept 2017 "Stress 'epidemic' sweeps UK as Brits turn to exercise and alcohol to combat their worries", Daily Mirror, 13 Nov 2017 "NHS nurses are too busy to care for patients properly, research shows", Guardian, 29 Sep 2017 "Calls for change to apprenticeships after numbers fall by 59%", Guardian, 23 Nov 2017 "Revealed: Rail fares have 'increased twice as much as wages since 2010'", London Evening Standard, 14 Aug 2017 "Police numbers to fall 1970s levels as more than 15,000 officers face sack", Daily Mirror, 26 Nov 2017 "Children waiting up to 18 months for mental health treatment – CQC", Guardian, 20 Oct 2017 "House Building Under The Tories Drops To Lowest Level Since The 1920s", HuffPost UK, 9 May 2017 "UK government warned over sharp rise in child and pensioner poverty", Guardian, 4 Dec 2017 "Why there’s a moral duty to sue our government over climate change", openDemocracy UK, 19 Dec 2017 "Size of UK national debt" infographic, Press Association"Richest 1% better off than ever before, while rest continue to suffer", Metro, 15 Jul 2017

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