Corbyn exposes May’s hypocrisy over withholding Brexit legal advice

From the Morning Star: Jeremy Corbyn exposed Theresa May’s hypocrisy in her withholding of Brexit legal advice yesterday by surprising her with a letter she had sent to the last Labour government that demanded they publish the legal advice they had received over the Iraq War.

During Prime Minister’s Questions the Labour leader urged the PM to reveal to MPs the “warts and all” legal advice on her unpopular Brexit deal so that they can make an informed decision over whether to let it pass through parliament on December 11.

He said she should “practise what she preached” and told MPs that she, as shadow leader of the Commons, had written to the then PM Gordon Brown in 2007 to demand the legal advice on invading Iraq.

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Andrea Leadsom lavishes praise on Sure Start centres – and is reminded austerity destroyed them

From HuffPost UK: Tory Commons leader Andrea Leadsom was reminded “appalling” Government cuts have closed more than 1,000 Sure Start centres after lavishing praise on them in parliament.

The leader of the Commons was speaking at an event on women’s rights when she said the late Dame Tessa Jowell, the politician credited with creating Sure Start, had been an inspiration to her. Leadsom went on to say Sure Start centres had been Jowell’s “proudest achievement” and they had“helped to support millions of families in the UK”.

Figures released by Labour and the Sutton Trust show that cutbacks to local government budgets have closed around 1,240 Sure Start centres – a third of the total – across the country since the coalition came to power in 2010.

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Tory Councillors gorge themselves on £1,600 feast just moments after cutting free transport for disabled kids

From Evolve Politics: Just moments after voting to block a Labour motion to reverse proposed cuts to free public transportation for children with special educational needs and disabilities, Tory councillors in North Yorkshire congratulated themselves by gorging on £1,600 worth of pavlova, roast beef and salmon.

Councillors feasting on a dozen types of cheese was revealed – after a Freedom of Information request – to have taken place following a meeting in February during which Council Tax in North Yorkshire was also hiked up.

Throughout the region, the devastating scythe of Tory austerity has swung its blade across libraries, bus services and street lights, amongst many other vital public services. In January, the council determined that after £16.5m would be cut from the budget, £3m would have to be found in reserves. Cuts included £2m from free transport for kids with special needs, £1m from support for local schools and another £1.1m from support from vulnerable young people. North Yorkshire police have had to cut their budget by 10% (£16.1m) – down from already having one of the lowest budgets per head in the country, and fewer police officers than most other forces.

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New minister for suicide prevention consistently votes for cuts in welfare for society’s most vulnerable

From Nursing Notes: The new Tory minister for suicide prevention has consistently voted for cuts in welfare for the most vulnerable in society.

Theresa May has announced the appointment of Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price to the new role minister for suicide prevention in order to tackle the stigma surrounding suicide.

The appointment came on World Mental Health Day when officials from more than 50 countries assembled in London for a summit.

According to the website TheyWorkForYou, Ms. Doyle-Price has consistently voted to reduce housing benefit, voted against raising benefits in line with inflation, voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability and voted forty-six times for an overall reduction in spending on welfare benefits.

Statistics show that those with long-term physical or mental health issues are significantly more likely to be dependent on the state for assistance with housing and living costs.

Social isolation, financial and health struggles are thought to be some of the leading risk factors for preventable suicide in the UK.

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No Magic Money Tree? Tories pledge £5 million to pay for Donald Trump to play golf

From Evolve Politics: Despite famously telling a nurse who hadn’t had a pay rise in 8 years that there was no ‘magic money tree’, and in spite of 10 years of devastating cuts to vital public services such as the NHS and schools, the Conservative government have today promised a whopping £5m of taxpayer’s money specifically to enable Donald Trump to play golf during his planned visit to the UK later this month.

In a letter posted to Twitter, the Tory Treasury Secretary Liz Truss told the Scottish Government’s new Justice Secretary, Humza Yousaf, that the UK Conservative government would set aside the £5m needed to police Donald Trump, should the US President fancy playing a spot of golf at any of his resorts in Scotland.

Trump is reportedly planning to visit his luxury golf resort at Turnberry following his scheduled meeting with Theresa May later in July.

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Drugs minister accused of “hypocrisy”

From BBC News: Tory drugs minister Victoria Atkins has been accused of “hypocrisy on a grand scale” over her husband’s involvement in a legal cannabis farm.

Paul Kenward – who is married to the MP for Louth and Horncastle – is managing director of British Sugar, licensed to grow non-psychoactive cannabis.

The Home Office said Ms Atkins declared the fact in parliament when she was appointed minister in 2017.

She has previously spoken out against the Class B drug.

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Boris Johnson is furious about a police station being closed under a policy he introduced

From The Independent: Boris Johnson has said he was “very disappointed” and “mystified” by the planned closure of a police station in his constituency – despite it being shut as part of a policy he introduced as Mayor of London.

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Theresa May prevaricates when asked why the Magic Money Tree bloomed for the DUP’s £1bn but not for nurses’ pay

Have you felt a tiny twang of sympathy for Theresa May recently? Lose it instantly by watching this interview 

Jon Snow asks her why the Magic Money Tree bloomed to fund the £1 billion deal with the DUP to keep the Tories in power, while we’re told nothing can done about the public sector pay cap.

Theresa May speaks on her spending priorities

"You can pluck a billion out and give it to the DUP but you can't do anything with the nurses?" Jon Snow questions Prime Minister Theresa May on her spending priorities; she says the nurses' pay review body will be given flexibility.

Posted by Channel 4 News Democracy on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Letter in the Guardian highlights the hypocrisy of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s anti-abortion stance

#JacobReesMogg #ToryHomophobia #ToryMisogyny #ToryDoubleStandards

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#ToryDoubleStandards: Andrea Leadsom lobbies Jeremy Hunt to halt local hospital downgrade

From Huffpost: Tory MPs have been dubbed “wildly hypocritical” over NHS cuts after it emerged that Cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom is lobbying Jeremy Hunt over the downgrade of her own local hospital.

Leadsom, the Leader of the Commons, has written to the Health Secretary to urge him to review a decision to axe a consultant-led maternity unit at Horton General Hospital in BanburyOxfordshire.

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Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond calls nurses and police officers ‘overpaid’ while raking in £10k a month renting property

From the Daily Mirror: As millions of public sector ­workers he claims are “overpaid” struggle to meet household bills, Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond enjoys a rent-free life in homes paid for with taxpayer cash.

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There’s no magic money tree – unless you’re making a deal with the DUP

From indy100: £1.5bn has been agreed in the deal with the DUP that gives the Conservatives a majority in the House of Commons until 2019.

With this money, you could have paid for bursaries for nurses, 10,000 new police officers, or a carer’s allowance, which are all among the policies which the Tories said could not be funded without a tax rise.

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Theresa May tells nurse she can’t have a pay rise

From The Canary: Watch Theresa May say to a nurse whose real wages are going down: “I’m being honest with you in terms of saying that we will put more money into the NHS but there isn’t a Magic Money Tree we can shake that suddenly provides everything that people want.”

Meanwhile, Britain’s richest 1,000 families are well on their way to tripling their wealth since the financial crisis, while austerity bites the rest of us. Since 2009, the top 1,000 families have increased their fortune by over 155%.

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Boris Johnson calls Jeremy Corbyn ‘monstrous’ for saying something he’s said himself

From Daily Mirror: Boris Johnson faces criticism today after calling Jeremy Corbyn“monstrous” – for saying something he said himself 12 years ago.

Mr Johnson wrote in the Spectator one week after the London bombings: “It is difficult to deny that they have a point, the Told-You-So brigade.”