Tory cuts gut thousands of Welsh local authority jobs, an ‘austerity audit’ shows

From Morning Star: Tens of thousands of Welsh local authority jobs have been thrown on the scrapheap thanks to Westminster government cuts by the Tories, an “audit of austerity” shows.

The Unison Cymru Wales analysis found that since 2010 there have been cuts to 28,100 council jobs, 10 per cent of the Welsh workforce, in the country.

Key findings in the audit were that more than 500 jobs have gone in 19 of the 22 councils in Wales.

Women were found to be more adversely affected than men, with women losing 18,400 of the cut jobs.

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Service cuts see young lives written off, claims union

From BBC News: The livelihoods of young people are being written off due to cuts to youth services budgets, union Unison has claimed.

About 100 centres have closed with 360 jobs cut in Wales in four years.

The union’s Dominic MacAskill, called on councils to provide at least a “baseline” service.

But the Welsh Local Government Association said the lack of standard success measures made it a complex area for authorities.

Spending on youth work in Wales has dropped from £23m in 2013 to £19.3m in this financial year.

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