Prepare your flyer files and save £20

These step-by-step instructions will save you £20 on your order from A Local Printer. You do not need to have design skills. Just do your own small piece of screen work as directed here, to imprint your own flyers. Then continue following the steps to manually submit these files to the printer.

This will bring your cost down to just £85 for 5,000 flyers (or £90 for 100% recycled flyers).

Adding your own imprint to PDF artwork: Step-by-step instructions

1) Go to the web version of PDFEscape at

2) Select Load PDF from Internet.

3) Change to a different tab in your web browser, and bring up our Choose an anti-Tory flyer design page.

4) Underneath the design you want to print, there will be links to “almost print ready PDF files” for your chosen design – one each for the “front” and “back” of the flyer. You will be imprinting the back of your flyer. Right click on the back link underneath your flyer.

5) Select Copy link address from the menu which appears when you right-click.

6) Go back to your PDFescape browser window. Right-click inside the URL text entry box, and select Paste.

7) Then click the pop-up window’s Load button.

8) You will now be on the PDFescape main screen.

9) Zoom in to 200% by pressing the black 200% button on the top ribbon of PDFescape.

10) Select the Whiteout tool from the top left-hand corner.

11) Then scroll down to the bottom of the PDF file, where the placeholder “DO NOT PRINT” small print is in the bottom white panel of the flyer design.

12) Position your mouse pointer towards the top left-hand corner of the bottom white panel, above and to the left of where the placeholder text starts.

13) Then click, hold, and drag the mouse pointer rightwards and downwards, until you have covered up all the placeholder text, then release. You should now have “whited out” the placeholder text. If you make a mistake drawing your whiteout box, select the box and hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

14) Then select PDFescape’s Text tool from the top left-hand corner.

15) Just underneath the top red ribbon, you will now see buttons to change the text. Change the font size from 12 to 5.

16) Now move the mouse pointer back to the (now whited-out) bottom white panel of the flyer design. Click very near the top of the panel, but not all the way over to the left:

  • The first 3mm on the left (and on other sides) is the “bleed” that will be cut off in the physical print process, so you do not want your imprint to start in this space.
  • Click roughly underneath where the left-most text elsewhere on the flyer appears.

17) Then type in your “Printed by” line.

  • If you are ordering from A Local Printer, enter: Printed by A Local Printer Ltd, Solutions House, 18 Robell Way, Water Lane Trading Estate, Storrington, West Sussex  RH20 3DN.
  • If you are ordering from another printer of your choice, enter their name and address instead.

18) Then press return and type in your “Promoted by” line, which must be a person’s name and a postal address at which they can be contacted. [See more…]

  • e.g. Promoted by John Smith, 123 Acacia Avenue, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 4AA.

19) When typing, do not continue into the right-most 3mm of this panel either – press return roughly where the text higher up the flyer stops, and continue typing on the next line.

20) The bottom 3mm of the panel is “bleed” for the printers only, outside the margins, which will be cut off in the physical print process. Your imprint text should therefore take up the top part only of the white panel, font size 5pt. At this font size, you have room for three lines of text if you need them. See the screenshot below for an example of correct positioning.

21) When you’re done, find the square green button Save and Download PDF… with two white down arrows, on the very left-hand edge of the screen. Save your imprinted flyer design to your computer.

22) It’s a good idea to then open the PDF file you’ve just saved with your regular PDF reader, just to check that the imprint appears correctly, in the right place and without typos.

23) Now your imprinted flyer is ready, you can place your print order.

Print option A: Step-by-step guide to ordering with our recommended print firm

1) Go to, the order page for standard flyers of our recommended print firm A Local Printer.

Or, if you’d prefer to order 100% recycled flyers, go to (Only one print run per week of recycled flyers – order by Monday for delivery on Friday. Regular flyers can be ordered any time.)

2) On the left-hand side, change Single Sided to Double Sided.

3) Then from the A6 column of the price list, select the price of the quantity of flyers you wish to order.

4) You should then get a pop-up notification that the item has been added to your shopping cart.

5) Click on Basket in the top right-hand corner and then click on Checkout.

6) Fill in the form, including selecting a payment method, and then select the Order and Pay Now button at the bottom.

7) On the next page, complete payment, either with a bank card or via PayPal.

8) When that’s done, you will then be taken to a Upload Your Artwork page. Select the (small) green Add Artwork button.

9) A box will then appear with a grey Choose file button. Click it, and select one side of the artwork from your computer for upload.

10) Then click the right-hand green button Confirm/Save.

11) Then click the left-hand green Add Artwork button again, and select the other side of the artwork from your computer for upload.

12) Then click Confirm/Save again.

13) You should now see both filenames listed in blue.

14) You’re done! You can click the dark green I’m done! Log me out button.

15) If you want to double-check anything on your order, go back to the website and log in to ‘My Account’ (blue bar at the top) with the email address you used and the password you gave in the order form. You will be able to see there the artwork you have uploaded.

Or call A Local Printer on 01903 742003 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) if you need to check anything out with them.

16) Once your order is part-processed, A Local Printer will email you with “proofs” of what your flyers are going to look like (including your imprint). You will need to respond to this email confirming you are happy with the proofs, before they will run your print job.

Print option B: Use any other printer of your choice

Do you have a trusted local printer? Do you need your flyers more quickly? Or can you find a better deal for yourself?

By all means, take one of our flyer designs to any other printer, anywhere in the UK. This campaign is all strictly DIY your way!