Update on #VotingToryKillsDisabledPeople Facebook paid ad crowdfunder: 110,000 people reached

Just £200 spent on Facebook paid advertising on this post, showcasing disability activist Fiona Robertson‘s brave and brilliant writing on the impact of #GE17 on disabled people, has reached the news feeds of over 110,000 Facebook users with over 3,800 interactions including 950 shares. Direct paid reach with the £200 has been about 35,000 – meaning that shares of the post have tripled its reach.

The sponsored post is now on its second version (above), optimised in the kind of highly visual format that most typically goes viral on Facebook – bringing even better results than directly sponsoring Fiona’s original blog post.

We are now seeking further donations to our crowdfunder. Your £3 donation directly reaches the news feeds of around 550 extra Facebook users – all targeted to marginal seats.