#NotAllAboutCorbyn meme reaches 65,000 people – crowdfunder now open

This Facebook post has been seen by 65,000 people with an advertising budget of just £50. That budget has sponsored the ad onto over 9,000 news feeds, with the rest of the views coming “organically”.

The Conservative Party and their media friends are intent on exploiting public doubts about Jeremy Corbyn, to push the narrative that you “must” re-elect the Tories and Theresa May. Those who frame elections, win them. This Facebook post is an efficient way of challenging the dominant media narrative about #GE17, visually reminding people of just how awful Tory government actually is. The covering text of the Facebook post includes a summary of a salient news article about each of the issues pictured in the meme, with a link for further reading.

I have now opened a new crowdfunder, allowing you to sponsor this important message directly onto the news feeds of even more Facebook users, targeted to a key marginal seat. Your £3 donation buys around 500 page impressions for the advert. View the crowdfunder and donate now…