George Monbiot: “What happened in Grenfell Tower was murder, mass murder”

George Monbiot tells Double Down News: “What happened in Grenfell Tower was murder, mass murder.

“It’s ‘let’s strip away’ all the public protections which prevent lots of people from being incinerated.

“There’s a whole infrastructure of fake think tanks, of these neoliberal lobby groups, funded by dark money, journalists, columnists in the corporate press, government ministers and advisers, whose whole role in life is to try to destroy public protections. because those public protections limit corporate profits.

“Sir Oliver Letwin MP, who founded the Red Tape Inititative, has this to say about public protections: ‘The call to minimise risk is the call for a cowardly society.’

“So those people living in tower blocks who don’t want exposed gas pipes, and flammable insulation, and no fire exits, emergency access bays blocked by other traffic, and all the rest of it that the Grenfell Residents Action Group had been complaining about for years… Those people are cowards. They want a cowardly society, because they don’t want to be incinerated.

“Whereas the really brave people, are people like Oliver Letwin… and Charles Moore, completely insulated from any involuntary risk by their fabulous amounts of money. These apparently are the courageous people. That’s what they ask us to do – admire them as the brave, and [see] the rest of society as the cowards.

“[We must make] continued demands for justice, for the victims and survivors of that fire. And a demand for this ridiculous farce of a public inquiry which we’re seeing so far is transformed into something which actually asks the questions which need to be asked, and seeks the answers which need to be found.”