Former senior Met Police officer blames Theresa May for rising violent crime

Footage from Sky News: Former Met Police senior investigating officer Peter Kirkham tells it like it is about rising crime on Sky News…

The Tories Hate This Interview

This interview will never be shown on TV again___28 Aug 2018 – UPDATEWhen the Police Federation questioned Theresa May's policy of slashing police budgets and scrapping thousands of police jobs she furiously dismissed their expert concerns as "scaremongering" and "crying wolf".Last year's crime stats (England and Wales):Violent crime: ⬆️ up 20% in a single yearRobberies: ⬆️up 29% in a single yearRapes & sex offences: ⬆️ up 23% in a single yearStalking & harassment: ⬆️ Up 36% in a single yearKnife crime: ⬆️ up 21% in a single yearGun crime: ⬆️ up 20% in a single yearCrime in general: ⬆️ up 14% in a single year

Posted by BBC London Calling "Unofficial" on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

“It’s unusual for four to die. Sadly it’s anything but unusual for a number of stabbings to happen on the same night. That is now absolutely typical of a Friday or Saturday night across London… It is horrendous out there.

“The reason is very obvious. Theresa May has cut the police service, so that there are no longer police officers on the street, and the control of public space has been lost. This is just one symptom of that, there are numerous others. Deaths on the roads are rising because road traffic police are going… Anti-social behaviour is getting out of control again because there are no neighbourhood officers. The moped crime epidemic, there are no officers out there. It is very simple. It is entirely down to Theresa May and her cuts to the police. She has the blood of these young people on her hands.

“Theresa May has been home secretary and then prime minister for nearly eight years now. She is entirely responsible for this state of affairs. She has refused consistently to listen to professional police officers who have told her that the demands on policing have changed, they haven’t gone away.

“There are too few police officers to keep the public safe. She has been told that repeatedly and she is ignoring it. It is criminal.

“No matter how much this government goes on and on about making more use of technology, an iPad is not going to prevent a single stabbing. It is as simple as that.

“If these young people [being stabbed] were white and they were on the streets of Maidenhead in her constituency or in Windsor, there would be utter uproar, it would not be ignored.

“It’s not just a London thing. There were five people stabbed in Sheffield last night for instance. There were stabbings all around the country, just like there are every Friday and Saturday night.”