Tory MP unclear on the concept of dystopia

From Boing Boing: The Getting to the Future First: How Britain can lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution report was created by Alan Mak, Conservative Member of Parliament for Havant, and it’s a laughable compendium of trickle-down nonsense proposing that if all dividends from automation flow to capital, somehow everyone in the world will share in the benefits.

It hilariously characterises the Corbyn left — an incubator for utopian visions of “fully automated luxury Communism” — as technophobic luddites. This from a party whose policies promote the primacy of finance over the real economy, austerity over education and training, and mass internet surveillance and censorship, while dismantling the world-leading Government Data Service.

But really, the scene-stealer is that cover art. Man, oh man.

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Fuck The Tories: A 1980s/1990s science fiction fanzine

From ZineWiki: Fuck The Tories was a science fiction fanzine by Valma Brown, Leigh Edmonds, Judith Hanna, Terry Hughes and Joseph Nicholas.

Fuck The Tories was first released in the 1980s. The editors described themselves as a “Tricontinental Revolutionary Fanzine Commission” (Hanna, for TAFF, 1985), with Valma Brown and Leigh Edmonds representing Australia; Judith Hanna and Joseph Nicholas representing the UK, and Terry Hughes, the U.S.A. Later on, Valma Brown, Leigh Edmonds and Terry Hughes left and, by 1990, Dave Langford, editor of Ansible, and Dave Mooring had joined up in their place. Fuck The Tories saw 21 issues released, and was published until 1996.

Fuck The Tories won the Nova Award for Best Fanzine in 1990.

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