Conservatives condemned by British Jewish leaders after MEPs vote to defend Hungary’s far-right Orban government

From The Independent: The Board of Deputies of British Jews said it was “very concerning” that the Conservatives had chosen to defend Hungary’s “appalling track record” which they pointed out included both “vivid antisemitism” and islamophobia.

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The Tories are long-time allies of far-right Swedes

Letter in The Guardian: The far-right Sweden Democrats, with their roots in fringe Nazi groups, have come third in the Swedish general election, up to nearly 18% from 12.9% in the previous election.

Their main platform is to end immigration and assist repatriation. Despite a rebranding to whitewash their origins, their representatives blame immigrants for social and economic problems and several of their members have got into hot water for sharing antisemitic comments, for example by mocking Holocaust victims or implying that Jews cannot be fully Swedish.

The centre left and centre right blocs say they cannot and will not work with them. But Britain’s Tory party, under David Cameron then Theresa May, have been allied with them for years in the European parliament’s Conservatives and Reformists group.

Is it not time to focus on the real and verifiable links between the Tories and anti-immigrant, antisemitic and Islamophobic populist far-right groups in Europe?

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