Choose a #GE17 anti-Tory DIY flyer design – order 5,000 flyers delivered to your door

Choose a design below, and take our free artwork. £105 buys 5000 high-quality anti-Tory flyers, your choice of design from our menu, ordered with one phone call and one bank transfer, delivered to your door.

(You can reduce the cost to just £85, if you’re able tdo your own small amount of screen work on the flyer files first. We give you a step-by-step guide.)

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Ideas for fundraising

Can you fundraise?

How easy or how difficult is it for you to get your hands on £105 to fight Tories independently, on your terms, in your own community?

Do you have any family, friends, colleagues or teammates with a few spare quid, who passionately oppose the Tories and badly want to see things turned around in #GE17? Can they help you club together for £105? 

Or maybe it’s more difficult for you, but achievable, and you’ll need to do a slightly bigger fundraise:

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