Almost £100k of public money spent on Brexit deal Facebook ads

From The Guardian: The UK government has spent almost £100,000 of taxpayers’ money in the last week buying Facebook adverts in a bid to convince the public to support Theresa May’s Brexit deal – only for the key vote to be delayed.

The adverts were promoted with the hashtag #BackTheBrexitDeal and offered short videos promoted using civil service resources and linking to an official government website called The Brexit Deal Explained.

Although Facebook does not give precise data on who was targeted, the publicly-funded adverts in support of the deal cost £96,684 and were shown at least 5m times in the last week.

Different adverts were tailored to different audiences, with men more likely than women to see government adverts stating that the deal would help Britain cut levels of immigration.

There were also ads to sell the deal in the constituent countries of the UK, with short videos specifically made for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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No Magic Money Tree? Tories pledge £5 million to pay for Donald Trump to play golf

From Evolve Politics: Despite famously telling a nurse who hadn’t had a pay rise in 8 years that there was no ‘magic money tree’, and in spite of 10 years of devastating cuts to vital public services such as the NHS and schools, the Conservative government have today promised a whopping £5m of taxpayer’s money specifically to enable Donald Trump to play golf during his planned visit to the UK later this month.

In a letter posted to Twitter, the Tory Treasury Secretary Liz Truss told the Scottish Government’s new Justice Secretary, Humza Yousaf, that the UK Conservative government would set aside the £5m needed to police Donald Trump, should the US President fancy playing a spot of golf at any of his resorts in Scotland.

Trump is reportedly planning to visit his luxury golf resort at Turnberry following his scheduled meeting with Theresa May later in July.

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Theresa May prevaricates when asked why the Magic Money Tree bloomed for the DUP’s £1bn but not for nurses’ pay

Have you felt a tiny twang of sympathy for Theresa May recently? Lose it instantly by watching this interview 

Jon Snow asks her why the Magic Money Tree bloomed to fund the £1 billion deal with the DUP to keep the Tories in power, while we’re told nothing can done about the public sector pay cap.

Theresa May speaks on her spending priorities

"You can pluck a billion out and give it to the DUP but you can't do anything with the nurses?" Jon Snow questions Prime Minister Theresa May on her spending priorities; she says the nurses' pay review body will be given flexibility.

Posted by Channel 4 News Democracy on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

DUP’s 10 MPs ‘each more expensive than Cristiano Ronaldo’

From Sky News: DUP MPs are now each worth more than football star Cristiano Ronaldo following their deal with the Tories, an SNP MP has claimed.

Alison Thewliss noted it was a “slightly odd position” that the Northern Ireland MPs can be viewed as dearer than the Real Madrid forward.

After the last General Election, it was announced the DUP’s 10 MPs had agreed to support the Conservative minority Government under a “confidence and supply” deal.

Under the terms of the agreement, an extra £1bn of taxpayers’ money was to be spent in Northern Ireland, which can be calculated as £100m per DUP member.

In 2009, Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in history when he signed for Real Madrid from Manchester United for £80m.

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There’s no magic money tree – unless you’re making a deal with the DUP

From indy100: £1.5bn has been agreed in the deal with the DUP that gives the Conservatives a majority in the House of Commons until 2019.

With this money, you could have paid for bursaries for nurses, 10,000 new police officers, or a carer’s allowance, which are all among the policies which the Tories said could not be funded without a tax rise.

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Posted by Stop The Tories Channel on Tuesday, June 27, 2017