Mhairi Black: ‘That was so 2018’ – what a shambles of a year

From The National: 2018 has been, hands down, the most juvenile period of time I have ever witnessed in politics. Granted, I’ve only been heading to Westminster for a few years at this point, but even my colleagues who have been there much longer than myself will tell you that this year was one for the books.

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Mhairi Black had the perfect response to Twitter troll who said she looks like a lesbian

From indy100: When a Twitter user felt compelled to tell Mhairi Black that they instantly think “lesbian” when they look at her, Mhairi – an openly lesbian woman – fired back:

“Inspiring observational skills you have James. I’m willing to wager that when straight women see you they think nothing at all.”

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“Forcing people into hunger does not incentivise work”: Mhairi Black’s Commons speech on Universal Credit goes viral

SNP MP’s Mhairi Black’s fierce speech in the House of Commons on Universal Credit has gone viral on social media, with over 9 million views on Facebook alone.

“Plunging people into debt does not incentivise work. Forcing people into hunger does not incentivise work. Causing anxiety and distress, and even evicting some families from their homes, does not incentivise work.”

SNP MP #MhairiBlack gives a fierce speech in the House of Commons on #UniversalCredit:"Plunging people into debt does…

Posted by Stop The Tories Channel on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mhairi Black on the Tory manifesto

Well said Mhairi, England and Wales need to vote Labour

Posted by Against Tories and Tory Austerity on Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mhairi Black: Rape clause is a new low – even for the Tories

Mhairi Black writes in The National… “Child tax credits are paid to people that the Government accepts do not receive enough income to survive on. What does it say about the society we live in when that same Government is prepared only to provide that help for some children?

“What else does it say about our society when the Government says they will only help you provide for a third child so long as they are the product of rape, and only if you can prove that you have been raped?!”

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