Video: 20 of the worst comments by Tory MPs in 2017

20 of the worst comments by Tory MPs in 2017

#AwfulTories: 20 OF THE WORST COMMENTS BY TORY MPs IN 20171) "Boris Johnson 'says Cabinet minister's salary of £141,000 is not enough to live on'", Independent, 1 Oct 2017 "Tory MP Michael Fabricant says drunk MPs should not be accused of rape or sexual assault", Evolve Politics, 1 Nov 2017 "Tory MP says he hates social media because 'it gives a voice to people who don’t deserve one'", Evolve Politics, 30 June 2017 "Jacob Rees-Mogg says rise in food bank use is 'rather uplifting'", Independent, 14 Sep 2017 "Tory MP says a memorial to men who were executed for being gay is ‘totally inappropriate’", Evolve Politics, 20 Sept 2017 "Tory MP who lost seat messages former constituent on Facebook to call him a 'thick chav'", Independent, 14 June 2017 "Dominic Raab angers audience by saying foodbank users merely have ‘cash flow problems’", Metro, 29 May 2017 "Michael Fallon: criticising Saudi Arabia 'not helpful' for UK arms sales", Guardian, 25 Oct 2017 "PMQs: Theresa May says giving nurses a pay rise is spending money on 'this, that and the other'", Huffpost UK, 6 Sept 2017 "Tory MP claims food banks are simply 'part of modern living'", Political Scrapbook, 18 Sept 2017 "Boris Johnson apologises after discussing alcohol in Sikh temple", Guardian, 17 May 2017 "Jacob Rees-Mogg tells BBC's Emma Barnett abortion after rape is 'a second wrong'", Huffpost UK, 25 Oct 2017 "Philip Hammond: UK productivity rates low because more disabled people are in work", Huffpost UK, 6 Dec 2017 "A Tory MP just said that only a miracle will stop children going hungry in Tory Britain", Evolve Politics, 2 Aug 2017 "Blundering Boris Johnson infuriates Spanish after saying bid to ban bullfighting is wrong", Daily Mirror, 10 Nov 2017 "Chancellor Philip Hammond calls nurses and cops 'overpaid' while raking in £10k a month renting property", Daily Mirror, 17 July 2017 "Conservative MP dismisses disabled woman who tells him 'tens of thousands of people are dying'", Independent, 29 May 2017 "Tory MP walks out of hustings after sparking furious row about foodbank users smoking and owning '58 inch TVs'", Daily Mirror, 2 June 2017 "Boris Johnson caught on camera reciting Kipling in Myanmar temple", Guardian, 30 Sept 2017 "Morecambe MP stirs row after doubting poverty claims by local schools", Guardian, 15 Dec 2017

Posted by Stop The Tories Channel on Friday, December 22, 2017

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1-minute video summary: A few of the reasons to have #NoConfidence in this Tory government

A good 1-minute video summary of just a few of the reasons to have #NoConfidence in this #Tory government.

Posted by Stop The Tories Channel on Thursday, October 19, 2017